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Originally Posted by stbi View Post
Technically it should be easily possible, and maybe there's a patch somewhere out there. Perhaps it will come in a future release...
Technically it's probably possible but it looks like you don't really know how Rockbox works. It's not because something is possible that it will come to reality. The most important thing is the motivation and interest of developers. If nobody is interested in or has time to work on that -and that's probably the case- you can only count on yourself to implement it.

I can tell you that nobody is currently working on that (why would someone be working on that BTW? Do you really think that many Rockbox devs have a R0 and know how it behaves with the OF and actually miss this behavior right now in 2013 while the Rockbox project is 10 years old? ) so obviously it won't come in a future release unless you do the job yourself or convince a dev to do it.

The place to be if you want to follow what's going on, to talk with developers, to try to convince them to work on something or to get help is definitely the IRC #Rockbox:
Once again, this is about Rockbox in general and has nothing to do with the R0 port (except keymapping) and therefore is rather off-topic here

BTW, how can I see what's new in a Rockbox build which can be downloaded here? Are there any changelogs?
You can see all latest changes on the homepage here:
You can see more changes (since last release, last four weeks) here:
And if you want to see older commits, it's here:;a=shortlog
If you want to see only commits specific to the R0:
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