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Hi there,

I'm using this Rockbox port now for some days, and I noticed that I didn't use the original Samsung software anymore. Even the FM radio is very cool since I discovered how easy it is to create and use different preset files (I use Excel to create/edit them ). I had some rare crashes while listening to radio - hopefully it's not the old RDS bug labellium mentioned in his theme thread.

Rockbox is also very useful for listening to podcasts - especially the "Auto resume" feature and the "Compressor" feature (for podcasts with very loud music mixed with low speech).

The only thing I'm missing is that the "Left" and "Right" keys don't scroll a full page back/forth in lists (files, presets, etc.). I know that there's an option for "Paged Scrolling", but this doesnt prevent the selection bar from skipping up/down line by line (which is sometimes slow).

So my question is: is it only a matter of key mapping to make this "page up/page down" behavior work just like in the original Samsung software (Left = page up, Right = page down)? If yes, could this perhaps be changed in the next build?
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