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Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
I had an interesting moment with my XBA3's and SoundMagic E10's.

Last week I mentioned in another thread how sound started to disappear from the left channel of the brand new XBA3's (I thought they were broken already). Anyway, upon first hearing the XBA3's proper nonbust sound signiture I was sure they were a significant improvement over the E10's, better seperation etc etc.
When the XBA3's were behaving oddly I replaced with my backup E10's, and I swear I couldn't notice any difference O.o
Placebo effect? Because I was trying a pair of $350 IEMs I fooled myself into thinking these were sounding better that My $30 E10's?

Anyway, I think I need to sit down proper with my E10's, XBA2's and XBA3's and try and sus out which IEM I prefer the most (the XBA3's certainly do isolate more than the E10's, if i have my music off I can hold a conversation with my E10's still in ear, not possible with XBA's).

Point of story, u don't have to spend much to enjoy superb sound I guess.
thats actually true you just need to choose the right one at right price
and thanks to you guys i got myself the right one
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