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Originally Posted by stbi View Post
Some questions:

1. How can I make the subitems make "indented". Currently they seem to be on the same level as the root item ("Rockbox" on the left image, "Pop & Rock" on the right)? Is there a parameter for this in the theme .cfg file?
This is because the scrollbar is disabled or set to the right. You can change that on device in settings>theme settings>status-/scrollbar>scroll bar and select Left. Or in the theme .cfg file you can add/modify the line
"scrollbar: left"

2. In the WPS of the "cabbiev2" theme, the Shuffle icon is always grey, even if i turn Shuffle on in the QuickScreen. Is this a known bug of the theme? In another theme (e.g. Pen & Paper) the Shuffle icon is displayed correctly.
That's a bug indeed, but was not known. Actually it's even quite surprising that nobody noticed it before^^
I reported it to the devs, it will be fixed soon in a coming build.
If you can't wait, just open cabbiev2.wps in a text editor and change line 15 to "%xl(D,shuffle-240x320x16.bmp,0,0)".

3. Folder names of 3 letters are displayed with all lower case, e.g. "BAP" -> "bap", "ELO" -> "elo", "OMD" -> "omd", etc. Why is this so, and can this be changed? In the original R0 player, and also in Windows, they are displayed correctly with upper case.
I don't know why, you should ask the devs. I also have this issue but not necessarily 3 letters folders. "acdc" instead of "ACDC" for example. And that doesn't really annoy me.

4. How can I add more QuickScreen items, e.g. "Show Files"?
Long press on the selection button>set as xxx quickscreen item

I'm nice so I replied to you BUT this thread is about the specific R0 Rockbox port, not about Rockbox in general. That means that it is not the good place for questions about Rockbox in general and themes. You should rather ask these questions on the Rockbox forum or on the Rockbox IRC #Rockbox.
Hope you understand
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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