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Hi all,

I replaced the icon set of the "cabbiev2" theme (the default theme of the R0 port of Rockbox) with the icons from the "Rayboradio_ypr0" theme, and also replaced the WPS backdrop with a modified version (status bar background, no RB logo), and this is the result:

130713200841.jpg 130713201043.jpg

(The icons are actually grey.)

Some questions:

1. How can I make the subitems make "indented". Currently they seem to be on the same level as the root item ("Rockbox" on the left image, "Pop & Rock" on the right)? Is there a parameter for this in the theme .cfg file?

2. In the WPS of the "cabbiev2" theme, the Shuffle icon is always grey, even if i turn Shuffle on in the QuickScreen. Is this a known bug of the theme? In another theme (e.g. Pen & Paper) the Shuffle icon is displayed correctly.

3. Folder names of 3 letters are displayed with all lower case, e.g. "BAP" -> "bap", "ELO" -> "elo", "OMD" -> "omd", etc. Why is this so, and can this be changed? In the original R0 player, and also in Windows, they are displayed correctly with upper case.

4. How can I add more QuickScreen items, e.g. "Show Files"?


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