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Hi lebellium,

thanks for your reply. I see - I'll have to RTFM; for example, I wasn't aware that long-pressing the center button opens a context menu. So now I can save bookmarks manually, that's good.

Since I use my R0 to listen to both music and podcasts, I'd like the player to automatically remember the last playback position of each file in the podcast folder (nevertheless if I stop playback or skip to the next track), and in the music folder, it should only remember the position in the recently played file - optimally for each subfolder (album). Is this possible using the bookmark feature?

In the manual, I read that bookmarks are created automatically "on Stop"; however, the R0 doesn't seem to have a "Stop" button; playback can only be paused, but this doesn't seem to create a bookmark.

Regarding the DRK feature of the firmware - that's OK if it's possible to save/restore the *.ini files manually (I didn't know that).

And as for 64 GB SD cards: That's really good that this works! IIRC, the free "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" can do the job (formatting big cards in FAT32). Are there any recommendations for good cards? Recently I had bad luck with a 32 GB microSDHC card from SanDisk, so I'm a bit skeptic about this brand...

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