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I just installed v2.51 & RockBox. As far as I can see, everything (still ) works fine! The dual-boot menu is really cl!

Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this possible!

Before v2.51, I had v2.20 installed for almost 2 years. After installing v2.51, my "Sysdata" was gone, but I was able to restore it, so I have again my fonts, no power-on/off sounds, and a colored battery icon. However, the settings were lost after installing v2.51, and the DRK method (renaming "Restore_settings_DONE" to "Restore_settings") didn't work. Was the DRK removed from v2.51, and is there now another option to save/restore the settings?

BTW: I'm new to RockBox - so I wonder how can I save bookmarks. This would be very useful for podcasts.
I set the option "Bookmark on Stop" to "Ask", but so far RockBox never asked me to save a bookmark. Which button do I have to press to "stop" playback, so RockBox will ask me whether to save a bookmark?

BTW 2 (OT): Does anybody know if it's possible to use 64 GB SD Cards in the R0? My 16 GB internal + 32 GB SD card are almost full...
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