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Originally Posted by epithetless View Post
I have both and find the HA-S400 isn't even worth using with the S500 as an option. The S400 is fine on its own, though, and most definitely a deal for the price. I've read of some folks preferring the signature of the 400, too, but they certainly don't strike my ears that way.

On a separate note, I have to say I don't really understand the expectation that twice the cost should equal twice the sound quality. Besides the fact that improvements in sound quality are often incremental, and price-to-performance ratios are rarely perfectly linear...If the more expensive headphone sounds better, and it still falls within one's acceptable budget, then why spend less for an inferior product?
I don't expect double the quality for double the price, although I guess I want it to be at least SQRT(2)= 1.41 times as good. Yes, I do expect a 41.4% improvement for double the price, but it seems that typically you get less than a 19% improvement for double the price. As for HAS400 vs HAS500, it isn't just the extra $25, but that the HAS400 is easy to buy, but the HAS500 has to be ordered from Japan.

Can you go into some detail about why you like the HAS500 so much better than the HAS400. Is it extra bass impact? More detail?
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