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Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
If you like a crazy amount of bass, then get the JVC HA-FX101. It has even stronger bass than the HA-FX67. The FX101 is only around $15 now.
I don't know if I like a crazy amount of bass. The bass amount of HA-FX67 could be enough. I don't like the looks of the HA-FX101 so I will buy it only if I get it really cheap.

Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
As for the Panasonic HJE355, I couldn't get a good seal with the included tips but got a good seal with the Sony tips I had bought separately. Quite often I don't get a good seal with the tips that come with an IEM, but manage to get a good seal from other tips I have. Those Sony tips were the only tips I bought separately.
It didn't even occur to me to try different tips because the HJE355 do have a unique design. The whatisitcalled that goes into the ear is longer and and smaller in diameter than usually, so I didn't think any other tips would have fitted.

I'll add opinions of a few IEMs to this thread.

Would NOT buy again:

Panasonic RP-HJE140-G - I have used this when I'm outside because I like the unique colour. The sound is not really inspiring in any way. If I want bass, I prefer the HA-FX67, and if I want a more neutral sound, the Logitech UE200 is clearly superior. There is some muddledness in the sound and the sound stage is not to my liking.

JVC HA-FX22 - I prefer sonically this to the RP-HJE140 but it also loses to the HA-FX67
and the UE200 in the same way. It just do not have a place in the ecosystem of my IEMs.

Philips SHE3580 (and 3590) - My ears got fatigued with these. It is caused by unevenness or excess around the 3-6 kHz range. These can sound much better if equalized - but I can't be bothered . And even then they are a bit fatiguing. I'm not the only one with this problem with these earphones but we are probably in the minority and for the majority these are some awesome sounding cheap IEMs. The cable gives a impression of low quality.

Would buy again:

JVC HA-FX67 - I'm already explained this.

Logitech UE200 - I paid 20 ($26) for this, so it is a bit more expensive but worth the price. It do not give the bass satisfaction for me that the HA-FX67 does but for most people it has sufficient bass. It has a more neutral sound signature. It is non fatiguing for me but the highs are not subdued. Clearly better clarity than the HA-FX22 and the HJE140 has. Probably quite safe choice for all except the bass lovers.

Not sure:
JVC HA-FX35 - I liked these for a while. Compared to the HA-FX67 there is a family resemblance but the HA-FX67 has tighter bass (good) and more recessed mids (bad). The HA-FX35 has a unique sound that kind of makes studio records sound more like live records to my ears. It has to be that it muddles the sound in some way that sounds natural. It's all right for rock and pop music. On the other hand, muddle is muddle and mostly I want a more authentic reproduction of the music.
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