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I usually use a recent dev build but each person should use whatever build they prefer. If you ever have an issue with the release version and check in at the Rockbox forums the standard advice will be to update to the dev build. If there was a bug that was filed and fixed the fix will be in the dev build not the release. The dev build is frozen and bug fixes aren't back ported.

To me the "stable" Release represents code that sometimes hasn't been updated in months vs. all the updates that have been done since the Release was built. I've very rarely had an issue with a dev build and have frequently found useful features that took quite a while to make it into the Release version.

The automated installer can create backups but I find a simple copy/paste of the .rockbox folder to be much simpler and quicker. By the time I light up the installer I can have created the backup manually with no need to connect to a PC. I just use the context menu to create a folder and move the files right on the player. Knowing how to do that let's me test drive a build or fix an issue if I don't like a feature a new build brings.

How each person deals with Rockbox is a matter of preference. I've never found that there's a right or wrong way to do that. I have a fair amount of experience setting it up in a way that works best for me. Part of that has been trying different ways that aren't always included in the manual. Sometimes it's worked, other times it's brought about some real WTF!!! moments. You'll want to work out what works best for you.
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