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I suggest that you not spend more than $100, as IEMs that are used frequently tend to break, get lost, or get stolen. My experience with headphones in general is that spending 4x as much might get you 20% more quality. Sometimes though, a cheaper one could be much better than a more expensive one. The sweet spot in the market used to be in the $50-100 range which gave the best value per dollar, however recently I have been impressed with some IEMs under $25(such as the JVC HA-FX40, Panasonic RP-HJE450 and RP-HJE355). I have never heard the Soundmagic E10. I do have the Meelectronics CW31 though. It got such great ratings on head-fi, however imo the JVC HA-FX40, and Panasonic RP-HJE450 and RPHJE355 are better than the CW31. If you want an IEM with great detail and like plenty of treble, you should try the JVC HA-FX40. It is the first IEM with carbon nanotube technology. It is only around $18. With IEMs fit is an important factor. I tend to use the IEMs that fit me the best most of the time. That is why imo it is better to buy a few cheaper IEMs than one expensive one. if the one expensive one doesn't fit you well you are stuck, especially if you can't return it.
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