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Default Mounting issue, ID3 tags, art, radio and more

To start, hi everyone! I am a new Cowon X7 owner, and am riding the learning curve on how to use it. After thorough research (both here, anythingbutipod, and Google searches), I added Kizune's UI mods (Lynx, Leaf, and Sense) to my player, and am happy with the upgrades. I love the player so far, despite some issues, and come here see about resolving those issues.

* Mounting as read-only.
The first two weeks I've had the player, had no problems plugging it in to my computer (I'm running Ubuntu Linux 10.04 on my desktop) and being able to move files around. Now, though, I'm having a problem with the X7's HDD. When it mounts, all the files and folders are locked as read-only and I can't import anything new. The X7 Flash drive is not likewise afflicted. When it's under load (mounting, powering on/off), I hear 3 clicking sounds. Disk Utility scans the drive and file system as both clean. The music still plays just fine, with only a few random files coming up unloadable/unplayable.
After some research, it sounds to me like the drive is corrupted. Now, should I just reformat it myself or send it back to Cowon under warranty?

* ID3 Tags.
Most of my music collection is comprised of OGGs (converted down from FLACs) and as such carry the Vorbis ID3 tag. And here is where I am totally confused: some are displayed properly while others are not (the track is displayed as the file name with 'Unknown' artist and album). All the files were converted with the same program, in the same way (Ubuntu 10.04; FLACs tagged in MP3Tag via Wine, converted using SoundConverter).

* Album Art.
I've read several places of people complaining about it not displaying properly across all the UIs. My art files are named 'folder.jpg' and are located in the same folder as their corresponding OGG/MP3 files. Some folks say this should work, and very few actually do on my player under the default and Sense UIs. (note: I haven't slogged through all my files using a program like MP3Tag to see what files might have been already paired with art along with tag info) Some people say that 'cover.jpg' will work. Before I painstakingly rename all my art, can someone give a definitive answer as to what will properly display the album art (with a screenshot)?

* FM Transmission.
I have a Monster RadioPlay 300 that I have been using whenever driving a car that lacks a line-in 3.5mm port. With my phone (HTC Vivid) and old MP3 players (Sansa Fuzes), the signal would come in just fine, +/- local FM interference. With the Cowon, though, some songs play with a moderate level of distortion ONLY when being piped through the FM transmitter; when directly plugged in to stereo, the sound is crisp and clean. Any thoughts as to what universal FM transmitter might work (note: I've read about the Gomadic charger/transmitter, but I'd rather have a transmitter that will work for everything I'd want to plug in)?

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