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Originally Posted by dudemanchu View Post

I wrote to the sandisk people and they said I would have to reformat the microsd card to get it working and advised me to not use the same card with my clipzip and nexus tablet. They said the problem was probably that the tablet put some sort of hidden system files on the microsd card that are messing with the clipzip. If this is the case, shouldn't I just be able to somehow view these hidden files and remove them?

Additional info: the microsd card continues to work fine when attached to the tablet.

The clipzip continues to work fine with an identical SanDisk 32gb microsd card that I also filled up with music from my old Mac but never attached to my tablet
Sounds like the SanDisk folks were right. And no, you wouldn't necessarily be able to see or delete any problematic files put on the card by the tablet.

The only solution I see is using 2 different cards. If you have more files on the tablet (or tablet card) that you want to transfer to the player's card, I suggest using a computer to transfer the files to from the tablet card, then connecting the player (& card) to that computer for final transfer.
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