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Default Multiple bookmarks per file

Hi to all,

I have some audio file with podcast for example 60 min. I want to bookmark (about 15 bookmarks) some interesting moments for further analysis. I plan to purchase Sansa Clip+ and add Rockbox firmware.

I can put a multiple bookmarks per file? And how, via menu or assigned button?
I read "rockbox-sansaclipplus" manual but I didn't find a definite answer.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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The player will auto book mark the file where you stopped without the Rockbox firmware. Only one per "track" so if you like you can use an app that I use called Audio Book Cutter to make the file tracks as short or long as you like.
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coachop94, thx for reply. I do not plan to split my large audio files. I am interested in the bookmark possibility of a rockbox firmware.
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I never really trusted bookmarks and song ratings on players, as just when you need them most they seem to have a habit of disappearing. I suggest using the low tech approach, and get a small notepad and write down the data.

The nice thing about Rockbox on Sandisk players is that you can increase the playback speed without affecting the pitch(ie no chipmunk sound). This is important when speakers speak slowly(sometimes agonizingly slowly, when you need to use at least 1.5x normal speed)
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