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Default 64GB microSD card works with C2

SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter


os: windows 7

load microsd card into adaptor and plug into laptop
format as fat32 with guiformat.exe - reported as 64gb

insert into c2
windows sees it as 32gb

so i re formatted as fat32 whilst in c2
then put it back into the adapter and reformatted as fat32 windows sees it as 64gb (59.4)

re inserted it into the c2 and connected it and windows now saw the full size 59.4.

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My guess is that a FAT32 formatted 64GB SDXC will work with any device that supports a either micro or standard 32GB SDHC card. ***until they change the standard***

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does this work for most people ?
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Yep works for me, little fiddle with formatting is as a 32GB then putting it in the C2 then taking it out again and formatting as 64GB with a card reader
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Hey guys,

I'm about to take the plunge and buy a C2. Just want to double confirm that if I format the card correctly, that the C2 will indeed recognize a 64GB microSD card? Specifically this one:

I'm in Canada, so this SanDisk is my best/only option.

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its the same one i use
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Yes it works. However, I can't write onto the 64 Gb card when inserted in the C2. Only when inserted in the laptop.
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