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It depends what you want/need from a phone and/or a music player.

The Walkman app is actually fine - I made the mistake of letting it update information on all my music files, so it connected to some database and made a mess of the meta information, splitting up a lot of albums. But if I hadn't chosen that option, all my folders would still be there as I had placed them. I'm just lazy and can't be bothered re-doing my music for that one app.

Any 5" phone is going to be big in your pocket - I actually think the HTC One is a better design, with more curves and rounded corners - and at 4.7" it will be smaller. But I don't think you could get that for the $450 price of the ZL, and, apart from the screen size, the Sony is nearly identical, spec/wise.

I think that $450 Canadian/US? is a really good price for the ZL. I was lucky and got the Z for £300 unlocked from someone who didn't want it.

Here are some Walkman screen shots:

panem et circenses

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