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I've never listened to the e10 or the Phonaks. For IEMs I use and recommend the TDK IE800 and the BA200. The ba200 is somewhat of a warm sound while the ie800 is slightly brighter. They sound very similar. The highs on the ba200 are a bit more relaxed compared to the ie800. Mids are great on both. Vocals just sound very intimate.

Both are nicely priced at around 100-150.

I used them both on a 5 hour flight to California and found them to be excellent at reducing the engine noise. They were comfortable enough to leave in for a couple hours at a time. I had to take them out occasionally to get some air. I also left the ba200 in my pocket and washed it on accident but after letting them dry, they were perfectly fine. I found the BA200 a bit more comfortable but it is a deep insertion IEM and the cable is an over the ear design.

I think the IE800 may be slightly more detailed, but not a big difference.

Cables are flat cables...which are kind of annoying. When I workout and use them outside, I run them under my shirt to avoid snagging. I also use the clips to keep the cable weight off the IEM housing.

RE400 and the EPH100 are also highly recommended in the 100$ price range.

Here's where I like to read up on different IEMs:
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