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Default Have lost the music icon setting

Just got player today. Initially all of the 7 icons were on the screen. I attempted, unsuccessfully, to load an audiobook and now the music icon has disappeared. Tried to reset but no luck.
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Welcome back. This appears to be your first post since 2008 when you were posting in the Cowon D2 forum.

Since this post is in that forum, it looks like you have picked up a fine Sansa Clip family product. Congratulations.

Unfortunately, "7 icons were on the screen" means absolutely nothing to me. Perhaps you can provide some more info. What did you get? original Clip? Clip+? Clip Zip? Have you Rockbox'd this new toy? That doesn't seem likely given that it arrived today. How did you try to load the audiobook, and why was it unsuccessful (ie error messages)?

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Assuming it's a Clip Zip something seems to have changed in the System=>Customize menu when you added the audiobook. You should be able to restore the Music screen by opening the System menu and turning it back on there.
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Or, in the worst case, you can reapply the latest firmware. Or even easier, try a reset by holding the on button down for 30 seconds or so. Or even a restore to system default under the player's System Settings.
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(Wow, some tracking on this website! And I miss my D2. Think I did it in yesterday and cannot bring it back to life.)
I was able to restore the music folder - guess that is a better word for what I am trying to describe - by doing a "reset factory settings".
Wondering if the following caused the issue: I used overdrive media to transfer the audiobook. I renamed the file "audiobook" since the word "music" appeared in the file name. Same was true with D2 when I changed "music" to "audible".
Subsequently I discovered the audiobook in two different files on this player. I also see that the chapters did not download in now to figure that out.
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Originally Posted by sueterry View Post
I also see that the chapters did not download in now to figure that out.
You have to edit the ID3 tags. The Clip Zip (nor any Sansa player) does not read or sort by file name, but rather by the information contained in the tags.
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