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Default Should I get a J3? (my P3 is dying)

My samsung P3 already lost 2 lines on the screen (unresponsive) and I can't repair it because the warrenty is finished for a long time!
I always wanted to try Cowon, I waited for the Android version though not as expected and very expensive!
Here are some some questions before I buy or not the J3:
-Is the volume output louder than the sammy P3? (if I connect the P3 to my car's AUX the volume is too low)
-Does the J3 have any hardware problems than can occur after a while like the P3's screen?
-I have an HTC Sensation with Beats,HTC Dolby...plugins but as pro as you are: can the sound quality of my HTC Android phone be close to J3? So I will just buy a larger SD for my phone than a 180$ J3
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i got my j3 about 2 weeks ago. same reason, p3 was dying on me. before that i bought 32 gig card for thc desire s with custom rom (including dolby extras), phone sounds well, but main reason i decided to buy j3 was that, desire felt clunky in my backpocket, and sitting on it was 'pain' (im commuting every day, and also since i got j3 i started to listen it at work, ignoring music collection i have on computer)
now im happy, sound quality is incredible, memory card i got for phone is in j3 and behind doesnt hurt anymore.
if you want it loud, make sure you set your region anything but european, and use user EQ that is in one of threads on this forum. its loud and crispy, maybe youll want to modify these for some bassy stuff (like atheists 'elements'). i can barely listen to music at level above 20 (that is half, using panasonic rp-hje900 iems), and i could listen to my p3 on full volume.
now, j3 feels plasticky, thats bit disapointing, but im happy otherwise. as for hardware problems, maybe other users can answer.
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-Does the J3 have any hardware problems than can occur after a while like the P3's screen?
Well, I can at least report that I have experienced no hardware issues with my 32GB J3 which I bought back in December 2010. A few firmware freezes over the months that needed me to push the reset button but other than that I doubt I'll see problems in the near future.

- can the sound quality of my HTC Android phone be close to J3?
Nowadays the SQ of most phones and DAPs is pretty much of equal good quality. What made the Cowon J3 interesting for me, however, was all the enhancements like BBE you can adjust together with the great hardware equalizer it has. Before the J3 I owned the Samsung P2 and I was truly impressed by how much better I could make my headphones sound because of it.
tl;dr: The sound quality is probably the same, but when it comes to enhancements and equalizing the J3 definitely wins in my book.
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It's a hard choice!
Now I am using my Sensation with PlayerPro app which gives a large EQ choice thanks to DSP, I dunno if J3 can be much better with enhancements, I know that the PlayerPro app is missing these like 3D effect I have on P3...
A J3 or i10 advantages are the armband easy fit and that we can keep them in bed in case of listening before sleeping, I would never do this with my htc lol!
The advantage of the Android devices including my Sensation are the coaching sports apps like Adidas micoach, you have a virtual coach + GPS for jogging...
The J3 would have been perfect if it had GPS
Even with the BT pairing on my P3 I couldn't get the audio coaching, I used to pair the P3 with my Sensation to get calls and use the GPS apps
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I have a cowon z2 working perfectly, but stopped working yesterday, I thought I was missing and what you charge battery .... hopefully even start and nothing!.
try the reset buttons but not start, and less to connect the usb port. anyone knows what can happen?, the truth is that it's a shame, is 4 months of use.

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