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Default Disassembly to blow out dust

Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
There's several different teardowns and how to replace the screen tutorials around for the E2xx series sansa players. The ones I've found when I google sansa "e260 teardown" make it seem very simple with no need for any specialized tools. It seems all you need is a working screen and a few simple tools. I've taken them apart to repair scroll wheels and fix headphone jacks but I haven't replaced a screen. If it's a easy as those repairs were it shouldn't be hard once you find directions.Not particularly. I've been running Rockbox on different devices for around 5 years now with no major problems. You probably saw more reports of problems in the past but if you check them you'll see most of them are user error or misunderstanding.

I have a Rockboxed E260 with a build on it from 2009. I keep it on there because it's able to use some themes from that time that are no longer available. There's tons of features that have been introduced since that time so I wouldn't recommend that any one use it unless it's for oddity sake like I do.

The point is that from all the way back then until now I've used Rockbox on a number of different sansas with no bricks and no problems that fixing the file system or a reboot wouldn't fix. That's not to say that it can't happen. I just think that if a reasonable amount of caution is used that having Rockbox installed shouldn't be a problem and it's been that way for quite a while.
is different than replacing the LCD. I've taken them apart and the LCD is a complicated solder. How do u fix the headphone jack?
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