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Useful thread - thanks! I am trying to get my Sandisk 64G microSDXC card useful for my rockboxed clip zip.

I have a windows 7 lenovo x220 laptop. Via the SD slot and windows explorer, I didn't have an option to reformat the card using fat32. But using using Partition Wizard, I was able to accomplish the following:

1) create partition:fat32, 64k, 60902.67 MB (59.47GB)
2) format partition: fat32, 64k (not sure if I needed to do both)

I could then copy files to it etc.

BUT it is not recognized when I put it into my rockboxed clip zip, or into my Samsung Tab2, or into one of the USB slots (with adapter) on my laptop, where it says that I need to format the disk before I can use it

I select "format disk", it is only allowing for a capacity of 27.4G. And if I do then reformat to 27.4G fat32 64k, then my rockboxed clip zip does recognize it. But, I'm missing a lot of GB

Any ideas? Thanks!

Edit: I found and tried Ridgecrop's fat32format program, and allowed it to use the default allocation unit size (32000 or something I think), and now my clip zip is recognizing it, and has even played a song off of it. Looking good!

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