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Originally Posted by PeterDLai View Post
Is the midrange/treble/soundstage pretty much the same between the two? I just got a pair of the SHE3580 and it's somewhat shocking to me how good $10 earphones can sound these days, though I have to agree the cable is bothersome.
I dont have the she3580 with me to directly compare until probably next week....assuming they survive spring break with a couple of 13 year olds. I don't have an ear for soundstage in IEMs so I won't even try to compare.

Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
I just noticed it for $5.99 in blue on Amazon with free shipping(for orders over $25).
fantastic deal..but up to 6.49 again right now.
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$5.99 for me with Amazon Prime!!!
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Originally Posted by IDvsEGO View Post
fantastic deal..but up to 6.49 again right now.
That's from Dependable Resource. The amazon one is still 5.99.

Probably in half an hour my link will take you somewhere else. Don't you just love the way amazon works?

BTW $10.28 from <mutter mutter>

Everybody should own at least one Sansa Clip family player. Except maybe the Sport.
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I finally got these and I can only explain the sound as 'thin' and 'tinny'. Almost no bass to speak of.

However, me and a random amazon reviewer seem to be the only people who thought this so maybe we got faulty phones...

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A lack of bass sounds like a poor seal. Did you try using other tips? Didd you let this burn in? Try letting it play for 24 hours or more at a slightly higher than normal volume.
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It also depends on "where" you're coming from in terms of IEMs.

Anyway I want to pick one of these to use at gym since I already broke 2 of mid-fi IEMs there! I want something very cheap, designed for the gym and with a mid-centric or balanced sound. I was going for the m6 but I HATE v-shaped sounds!

In terms of quality while not expecting a premium sound is it at least better than the m6 and senn cx300?
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