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Default Dual input jacks?

I work in a factory.... We are allowed safety headphones with mp3 input but I am in a position where I must wear a two way radio that has output jacks availible. I can listen to my mp3 player with cord pluged into the jack on the head set or i can plug in cord to my two way into jack with head set but not both.

I surched for a head set that has two jacks one left and one right to where I can plug both MP3 and Radio but have had no luck.

I have surched for a mixing device but hear that is a problem area of mixing two signals into one input.

Anyone have a suggestion?
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I haven't had any problems with mixers. I had a mini one for years that had 6 mono and 2 stereo inputs if I remember. They look a lot cheaper now just on a quick search, looks like you can get into one for $20 and up for 4 channels.
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Originally Posted by KaBoom View Post
I have surched for a mixing device but hear that is a problem area of mixing two signals into one input.
I don't know about headphone amplifiers but mixing two line-level signals into one output with a Y-cable is dangerous for the two amps. Somehow they are fighting against another... or something. There have to be a resistor (or something ) in the Y-cable to make it safe.

(On the other hand, splitting one signal to two outputs is safe.)

A purpose-built mixer would of course be safe. Combining two headphone-level signals into one without any additional resistors might not be.
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