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Default Can albums be listed under artist names?

I bought my wife a Clip Zip because I thoroughly love my Clip+. However, after loading music on the Zip, I was frustrated trying to find the music. I am unfamiliar with the lingo to describe this problem, so maybe this has been discussed at length, and I just can't recognize the proper thread in this forum. So forgive me if I raise a well documented topic.

I think I loaded the music in MSC mode. I just copied files from the music files on my computer (OS is XP SP3). I didnt use WMP.

The problem: I loaded four Springsteen albums onto the Zip. When I turn on the Zip, I look up Springsteen under Artist and find a list of songs from one of his albums. I dont see any of the four albums listed under Springsteen. I can however find all four albums under Album lists.

Is there a way to look up an Artist name and see the albums listed by that artist?

Should I have used to WMP to load the music?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Probably need to edit the ID3 tags. This is how the Sansa line of players display the content info, not from folder or file names.

Alternatively though, you (or your wife) can scroll down to the Folders option in the Music menu and select it. This will allow you to see the folder/file hierarchy just as you do on your computer. The only problem with this is you have to do it every time; there's no way to change it and make this the default.

The same thing would apply to your Clip+, although I believe some have said the Zip is even more picky about ID3 tags than the Plus (if that is possible).
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Thank you!
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If the tags are wrong (or missing), the free MP3Tag is a great choice to fix them. It can access the songs on the player, if the player is connected in MSC (Settings -> System Settings -> USB Mode).

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