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Old 04-27-2013, 07:45 AM
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Thumb Up Creative Zen Touch with 32GB Compact Flash (CF) Card - success!

guanghua19 you're a legend. New life for a Zen Touch that had a failed hard drive (Hitachi Travelstar, aka the "baby deathstar" given the Deskstar/Travelstar's rep for failure). Used the larger adapter (from and a 32Gb Kingston 266x (

Couple notes for anyone else who wants to try this, I had a lot of trouble getting the firmware reset so this will help others I hope:
1) It's not enough to do that and roll back WMP to WMP10 and remove ALL Creative software and Zen drivers before attempting to upgrade.
2) It MUST be done from Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or earlier. Service Pack 3 screws up the process and you will not be able to complete the firmware reload (you'll probably find it will say the player's not connected etc).
3) After an afternoon of unsuccessful attempts, I realised that #2 was the problem. Not worth uninstalling all the stuff from #1 and the service packs and updates, takes FAR too long.
4) If you've got a spare hard drive and access to a Windows XP Service Pack 2 disc:
a) Download WMP 10 to a USB stick drive before doing anything else, and - if necessary - obtain a Windows XP Pro disc or image (and burn a DVD from that image). Copy the Zen FIRMWARE ONLY to the stick too, you won't need the rest of the Creative stuff for this bit AT ALL, just the firmware.
b) Disconnect your hard drive (if you're using your normal PC, don't wanna wipe your drive!!)
c) connect up spare hard drive
d) Install Windows XP - skip the key entry, it will just whine about 30 days left for activation. This install won't ever be connected to the 'net, and it's temporary.
e) Install WMP 10 from your USB drive.
f) Connect the Zen, get it in recovery mode if necessary (Reset hole, hold Play/Pause, release)
g) run firmware update mode on the Zen
h) run the firmware update app from your USB drive
i) Fingers crossed it'll start doing what mine did, updating. You might find it already has the same firmware you're installing - re-install it anyway
j) Zen will reboot after installation, and you should now have a 32Gb capacity and connectivity to Vista and Windows7 with drag&drop capability.

So, thank you guanghua19 - the original idea is still sound advice. Got my own Zen Touch (above was a fix for the future wife's Zen) which still works, but thinking on trying this with an IDE to SDHC adapter on mine. Even lower on the power consumption than a CF card, even less weight, and lower cost than a CF card. If I get round to it, and it works, I'll post an update.

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