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Originally Posted by Enigmatic View Post
Please describe in nauseating detail the exact steps you took and the results of each step. Then someone here might be able to assist. Also, which operating system are you using?
In detail:

1) extracted rockbox zip (from post 1) to root of clip zip (already on latest OE firmware)

2) extracted boot zip (from post 1)to root of clip zip

3) turned on zip clip

*Loading Firmware file not found*

usb-drv: EP0 completion while waiting for SETUP
bt pc: 0x3080B99
A: 0x3080BC2
A: 0x00007B7
T: 0xe353000
bt end

4) turned zip clip off and on again

Unhandled masked IRQ 03: USB (status 0x00000008)
bt pc: 0x30807C2
A: 0x00007B7
T: 0xE353000
bt end

I think it was jolly sporting of the zip to tell me to panic, though I think most people would realise that it was a requirement at that point....

Edit: windows vista

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