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Originally Posted by slynrobbie View Post
Well, after a 1/2 day playing my "run-on" tracks, downloading, installing & tweaking my X7 I have to say:

1. Gapless play is nearly perfect, at least for flac files with the screen on or not. Firmware: 2.08. I guess I have definitively answered my own question. There is true gapless play on the X7.

2. Installed Kizune's "Sense". That fixed the album art nicely. It's a non-issue now.

I also installed Kizune's "Leaf" and got the folders to behave nicely, always opening where I want.

With Lynx, Sense & Leaf, the X7 is a sweet PMP.
Gapless playback can be solved with FLAC. I did quite huge research of possible settings which could improve this terrible X7 problem. If you use FLAC level 0, you will get gapless playback. Size difference between commonly used level 6 and level 0 is very small, therefore there is no significant impact to player capacity.
Trader's Little Helper has a mode to re-encode FLAC without necessity to manualy extract FLAC to WAV and encode back to FLAC level 0.
Gapless playback is very important for me, therefore I was very frustrated when I realised that this feature is not supported by X7. That's something I wouldn't expect from such device and such manufacturer . Fortunately, FLAC level 0 saved my day .
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