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Hi to all,
so... I lost my beloved black 4GB U5 yesterday. That's really sad, it was a gift from my gf, I travelled in 5 or 6 different countries with it, graduated from University, started working all with it in my pockets. And now it's gone, nowhere to be found.
I've read this thread trying to find out more about the U7. So if I've got it right:

- battery life is even better than the one on U5;
- the Music Browser (browsing folders, not using tags) it's the same as on the U5;
- sound quality (without using EQ, which I never really used) is similar to U5;
- ...are the other settings like bass enhance and stereo enhance present as on the U5?
- menu navigation and buttons functions are the same on the U5;
- no recorder (?)
- radio can be available thru the config.dat posted here.

I had only two type of issues with my U5: it happened sometimes that the player got stuck, not responding to any input other than the hard reset. One other thing is the fact that accessing the player as a USB stick and deleting folders I previously created in the Music folder, windows would not let me delete the folder: it would delete all the files but not the (now) empty folder. This happened under Win7 (it may as well be my computer) but not on MacOsX.

I think I'll buy a 4GB U7, even in italy are pretty cheap

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