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Originally Posted by Tapeworm View Post
How many times are you going to actually load up several GB's of files at one time? If you have a large library and you want to transfer this to a memory card in one sitting yeah, you'll save some time . . . once. When are you ever going to do it again? Sure, you may want to delete a few [songs] and replace them with a few more occasionally, but the transfer isn't going to be that large, so time reduction would be minimal at best.
Well, I'm a "music" maniac. I've a collection of 900/200 vinyls/cd more or less, and my mp3/flac database are about 500gb.

I used to going with iPOD video + 240gb, but I don't like it so much as player.
So, being a developer, I'm build my own Software in C# (yes, I'm maniac) that choose folders on my pc, order them randomly and start to transfer to the destination folder till it reach the max size.

So I'm going to make this process of "transfer" often (having the possibility of listen all my files, during the time).

Yes, I should take some SD cards and have a sort of microLibrary, but than it will be unmanageable: I can't remember on which card I put things. And if I repleace/delete/add/update some files (which are records in a label)? How can i remember where I put what?).

So I think this is a nice strategy... keeping a card reader and link it to usb port I'll got what I want I guess.
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