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As you already have a Linux partition it should be fairly easy. There's scripts around to bulk delete them you can find if you use search terms like "delete Mac Finder files Linux". I'm not posting one because it's my understanding that when you delete with Linux you're not getting it back if there's a mistake.

There's also paid apps for cleaning those out. I can't say how well they work as I've only had this problem problem once and used the Rockbox Disktidy plugin to get rid of the extra. The Rockbox file systems sees all the files on a player and the Disktidy plugin will delete them. I don't remember how to set up that plugin as it was a long time ago and I'm fairly certain the setup has changed.

That one time happened because I didn't disconnect properly and tons of the ghost files were left behind on the DAP. Whenever I connect to a Mac now I always empty the Trash while the DAP is still connected. That gets rid of the helper files without needing to do anything extra.
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