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so.... it quickly became apparent that the only way i was to get to the bottom of this was to order another sgp 3.6, and that is exactly what i did (brand new) from amazon. i got it yesterday, turned it on and.... the GPS is exactly the same. no better at all. it has a lot more trouble picking up a signal than the 4 or 5 do. obvoiusly it has an inferior GPS antenna. if nothing else hopefully this thread can be of some help to others with the same question. since my original post i have come to find however that the GPS is "acceptable". whan out doors it does get a lock after a minute or two MOST of the time and once locks stays locked Most of the time, whereas the 4 and 5 get a signal almost instantly indoors on a rainy day without a problem. also by the way i am going to return the one i just purchased for a refund.
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