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The extension .m3u8 is always there by default on my installation. The virtual keyboard opens to whatever folder I've set as the playlist folder with the extension as part of the opening screen. In my case that's
It's been like the changes were made that simplified saving playlists came in about a year and a half back.

Before then playlists saved to the root of the main memory instead of a Playlists folder you could designate. That caused dozens of "where are my playlists?" threads. The developers finally got tired of that and changed it to the current setup. I didn't like it at the time but I've noticed the questions about saving playlists dropped off quite a bit after that.

I don't know what happened in your case. You may want to look into changing your virtual keyboard layout if it's a visibility problem. Directions on how to do that are here I don't believe it's possible to make it comfortable entering text on a screen that size but a a more visible layout that eliminates the characters you don't often use helps.
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