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I don't know what I'll do when my 5 takes a dirt nap.
Mine is 2ish years old and works great. I use it primarily as a reader...discrete reader at work, in a quiet bed before sleep primarily and on the road.
I do use it's wifi outside the home at times but not all that often.
As a reader it's perfect for me. Slips in my pants pocket easily and is easy to carry.

I use an iphone4 and it is just fine as a phone but the screen size makes it a bare essential reader though I have used it as a reader when I don't have my 5 with me.
I do however love my iphone for its' itunes...I love listening to podcasts and I find itunes to be far superior to any other format out there. Especially the Samsung version, which is dreadful and reminds me of DOS...ugh...which I still use, at work, for some antiquated programs still in use.

I've looked at the Note and Note2...Awesome device...If it had an itunes equal program I'd toss the 5 and iphone4 in a heart beat to just have one device.
I may wind up with a Note1 when my 5 needs replacing since I'm not going to pay the price they are asking for the Note2...that is just too much for my use.
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