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Default Clip Zip Linux Issues

I use the Clip Zip with Sansa firmware and just drag and drop from the file manager, here in Linux. The Clip+ always worked flawlessly, but the Zip is a pain a lot of the time. Sometimes, podcasts will get put in the music directory, or won't be found anywhere except the folder view. Even though I treat them all the same and make sure the genre is listed as Podcast. These misplaced podcasts don't have resume or a time remaining display. This problem seems random but is apparently growing in frequency.

Also, when deleting old podcasts, they're still listed on the player. I'm at the point now where I just leave old podcasts on it until I run out of space and format the player. Deleting the contents of the Album directory doesn't work, if I remember correctly.

I didn't have any of these problems with the Clip+ (it broke after being dropped)

This is all not really a big deal. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it.

Firmware: 1.01.20
Linux: Linux Mint Nadia 64
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I know nothing about Linux. Maybe try re-installing the firmware? It might help, but perhaps you should consider looking into Rockbox also.
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Have you enabled seeing hidden files and checked the contents of the drive? IIRC, deleting a file on an extrernal drive sends them to the Trash without completely deleting it.

I haven't used Linux Mint but when I've dealt with managing a Clip Zip in Ubuntu files weren't deleted but sent to a folder named ".Trash". The leading "." caused the folder to be hidden. Once I enabled seeing hidden files I could see them and get rid of them completely.

I also found that holding the Shift key as I hit the Delete key got rid of files without parking them in the Trash. Not sure if that's the same in Mint.

No idea on the podcast issue. I don't use them so I've no experience in what information they should display after being load in Linux or windows.
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Are you dropping the files into the appropriate folder, music, podcast etc. On the removable media, it doesn't matter, it's all music.
Emptying the trash with clip connected should get rid of deleted entries. If you delete from the clip (not connected), they should just delete and recover space.
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Thanks for the tips. @Skip: Emptying the trash worked. Thanks very much.

I'm putting them all in the podcast folder. It's intermittent and still looking into it. Thanks.
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