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Nice to hear you like them. I call the period of getting used to the sound sig of a new set of headphones "brain in". It's interesting to see how much my opinion will change in the first several days I get a new set. It's one of the fun times I have with a set of headphones.

The issues that can come from high output impedance are very much a YMMV situation in my opinion. Some people are more sensitive to hiss than others. I'm middle age and don't have the best ears in the world anymore so I'm fairly insensitive to hiss. If I notice hiss it has to really bad. I only hear it with certain headphones and DAP combos. Even then I usually stop noticing it after a few minutes. That makes it something I don't tend to worry about.

Just as you've done I also find that a bit of tweaking to the sound settings can take care of any roll off problems I've run into. I EQ all my headphones to taste so a extra bump or two in the right spot is just part what I do anyway to get a set of headphones tailored to my taste.

Volume is easy. I listen at fairly low volumes most of the time. Anything over about halfway on my Sonys is too much for me. That's most of the time. I do like to cut loose for a few minutes now and then and pump up the volume. If a set of headphones delivers what I want at those rare times, that's good enough for me.

I'm not saying output impedance is overblown or that makers should be able to get away with putting out poorly engineered equipment. I prefer spending my money on items that work properly. I'm just saying that in the end it's your ears that are the final judge. If they say your equipment sound good even it it doesn't have great measurements that's sometimes what you have to go with.

I also agree that paying ~$100 for a decent set of dual armature BA IEMs isn't exorbitant. I'd never pay the MSRP they're asking but I think if I were in the market the asking price on Amazon isn't bad. Especially when you look at what some other makers are asking for similar headphones. They're not the cheapest but they sure as heck don't come close to the price of the some.

They're not for me as I dislike the "J" style cable. I'd still consider taking a flyer on a set, especially if I come across them when Amazon has one of their flash sales. Catch them at the right time and you might find these a lot cheaper than $99.
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