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Default Sansa Clip+ prison edition?

I love the translucent back!
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I read the posters comment. That is so not nice about the players firmware ,but then it was purchased at a prison. Evil
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IIRC we discussed this player around a year ago. If you can't unlock the firmware, you could always pop off the case and use it with a normal clip, but I doubt it has a little hole for the expansion slot. While I find a clear case a very cool idea and certainly would have considered buying it over the black ones I currently own if SanDisk had made them available. I can’t see what anyone would smuggle into a prison in such a small package other than drugs and from what I read drugs are already available in prisons already.

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Actually, it looks like it has a microSD card slot on the side of the player. Cool.
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Planned obsolescence with a captive audience.
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Default charging

How would the inmates charge it!! And anyone know if it's avaiable in CA?? I have family doing time.
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I looked it up when this came up before and what I found was a Bureau Of Prisons pdf for the federal system. You could try checking with the state prison system to see if they have a similar program.

The rules for the player requirements outline a standardized USB plug so that they can be charged at a common station. They also state features like microsd cards and microphones have to be deactivated for security purposes. That makes think what looks like a card slot is probably covered by the case but the pic makes it look open.
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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
I looked it up when this came up before . . . .
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