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Originally Posted by dimmer View Post
I suppose this says:
Music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, games, photos, and more—whatever it is, Media Go helps you find, organize, and optimize it for playback on your computer or portable device.
Also I see "Games" on the screenshot.
I think, as Media-Go is a common software of PSPs, Walkmans, Tablets and Sony mobile phones, it includes the games tab on the screenshots, but I don't think that necessarily means that is the case with Walkmans. If you feel like it, you can try it out and let us know

Originally Posted by Jeven View Post
I'm not sure why Sony put games on this player - the installed games are practically unplayable as the details, numbers, icons etc. are way too small to view and play properly on a 2" screen. Their voice recorder works well, so why not include something useful like a calculator instead of games.

But it is a really nice player, my only gripe is that it would be nice to delete - or be able to shift around - some of the 9 screen icons as I only use 4 of them. I know you can do this on Sansa and Apple players.

There isn't much available as good as the E474 in this price range.
Life was easier with the older generation Walkmans (older UI), they were simplified and bang on with stuff that was actually needed. So I guess we gotta live with it. But Sony has done the E series some respect by making the Economy line a bit premium. Take the E460 Series, it's a massive upgrade from the E450 Series with huge battery life and proper EX monitor bundled headphones. And the E470 may seem a bit of a downgrade compared to the E460 but the E570 Series now has Noise Cancelling.

Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Wait, mean to tell me they put games on this thing? GTFOH!!! ROFLMFAO!!!
I know right? :P Useless addition. I think they included games with the newer Sony UI (from E45x/A84x/equal S-series onwards)

Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
We don't want anyone buying one thinking it's possible to add more games due to speculation they read here. I don't see the ability to add more games except for the PSP. Considering Jeven has said that at least the volume warning isn't working as the manual says it should it's be possible it does and just isn't documented.

dimmer has brought this up and has one on they way. Do you mind installing Media Go and giving a conclusive report one way or the other?

I wouldn't recommend anyone install Media Go just to test this. It adds an incredible amount of bloatware that's not needed if all you want is to work with a Sony DAP. My recent experience is that it works decently. Much better than the last generation that required QuickTime. It's just that it's like using a cannon to swat gnats when it comes to managing a simple MP3 player.
+1. Couldn't agree with you more. Media-Go is unnecessary and does more harm than good, had to delete tons of bloatware when I wanted to try it out, it required Internet Explorer as mandatory, lol.

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