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I'm perfectly willing to accept your personal observations. It's how we've come to find what's in the various manuals doesnt always match what happens in real life.
Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
From reading the manual...
I don't have one so I'm limited to going by what's said there.

Not having a EU limited Sony or seen any credible measurements as to what one puts out I can't say if one would be loud enough for me. I have heard several other players that were supposed to comply to that standard and I could live with it most of the times.

It's those few minutes every once in a while I decide to crank it up that would be frustrating. I know listening at those levels continuously would damage my hearing in the long run. I also know short term exposure doesn't help but shouldn't cause permanent damage. I prefer having the choice instead of having the nanny state decide that for me.
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