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Default Sweet Jesus I've done it!!

Hi guys, if your struggling to get you Zen Extra back please have faith it can be done.

DaviCastro's post on the 03-13-2011 saved my zen extra. My 40gb Zen has been a paperweight for about 5 years now, but today she is fully revived to her glorious best.

So problem i has was the dreaded "Firmware Problem" on booting up the Zen.

To fix this i followed DaviCastro's post like this,

"As I don't have any Windows XP machine available I decided to attempt the firmware upgrade using a virtual machine (it sound a little crazy and the ideal was to install it in a real machine - but I thought it would be too much trouble and decided to take the risk). My choice was VirtualBox (VB).

I used VirtualBox 4.0.4 and installed Win XP Home SP2 on it as the guest OS.
My machine OS is Win 7 ultimate 64-bits."

So with a fresh install with Windows Home XP sp2, in virtual box i downloaded media player 10.

I then followed Walkertron's initial post as follows,

"3. Re-install the Zen Driver JB3mv2_PCW_US_2_01_00 from the creative website and reboot
4, Plug Zen in.
5, Make sure you have the firmware update ZenXtrap74SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03 ready, run it but don't click the language bit yet), leave the mouse hovering over your language selection.
6. On the Zen- select "reload OS"
7. As soon as it flashes up "reload new firmware now via USB" click the language button"

After doing this it didnt work but going back through DaviCastro's post on using VirtualBox doing this,

"Put the Zen Xtra in the USB Filter list of VB in order to VB get control of the device and pass it to WinXP"

Tried to update the Firmware again and bang it worked.

Holy cow my Zen is back!!

I spent hours on this, felt like giving up but finally after much Shouting Swearing, crying i finally sorted it.

Hope this helps you guys..
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