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Send it in for service is what I'd recommend. Cowon doesn't sell parts so the most probable source for a a used one that broken in some other way but the screen is still working.

You would then be faced with figuring out how to get them apart without breaking any of the other parts. I can't recall seeing a teardown for the C2. There may be one and I just haven't seen it. When I search I find teardowns for other Cowons but not the C2. You may have better luck finding disassembly directions, idk.

The one thing I do find with those other disassemblies is the frequent comment that either something was glued together and was broken in trying to take it apart. I've also read that some parts are snapped together and how to get them apart isn't obvious until you break them trying to get them apart.

If you're able to accomplish all that and have done the exchange you may or may not have a fully working player. You've also disqualified the player from any future service work.

Given the cost of finding a broken one for parts and uncertainty of a successful repair I wouldn't even try a DIY repair. I'd have Cowon do it or cut my losses and buy another one.
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