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Old 03-28-2013, 03:17 AM
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Originally Posted by neutral View Post
Maybe I don't quite get it but 1st, how do you measure the players with the output connected? I understand you you can measure them unloaded.
To measure an output unloaded, connect the output to the input of your sound card, and record the RMAA test signal.

To measure an output loaded with headphones, do the same, except with a stereo splitter cable connected to the output, with one end connected to your sound card's input, and the other end connected to your headphones.

Originally Posted by neutral View Post
Also, what is worthy to see between the Clip+'s (0.5Ω) and the iPod's (5.5Ω?) graphs?
Look at the frequency response graph (the first one on the page). The FR on the Clip+ when loaded with my Shures is ruler flat, meaning that the device is producing sound exactly like it should.

The FR graph on the iPod Classic when loaded with the same IEMs, is not flat, it suffers from some amount of variation, meaning that it's not producing sound the way it should. That's the effect of highish output impedance, and non-flat impedance IEMs, combined. That effect varies with the headphones / IEMs that you attach to a high output impedance source. Some will be affected more or less wildly, some will not (flat impedance headphones).

The FR will always be flat, with low impedance outputs like a Clip+ or an iPod Touch 5. FR variations will be (much) worse with higher output impedance sources like Hifiman DAPs (~30Ω), and / or with more quirky headphones / IEMs (like the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10).
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