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Sure, I agree that would be better if sorted by track order.
I'm not sure though that they deliberately removed this functionality. Development teams change over times and may differ from one player to another, which explains for example that the YP-R2 and YP-F3 behave differently about that topic while they have been released together at the same time.
For the U7 I guess they just took the F3 as basis (because it is more recent than U6) and just did copy & paste of code. The question is rather, why did the F3 introduce a different tracks sorting? I don't know...

Unfortunately I sent a very long email to Samsung yesterday morning before your 1st post. If I knew I would have waited to include your issue in the email but now it's too late and I'll have to wait for their reply before sending another email, which can take much time.
In this email I reported the bug in SPL playlist support (created with Samsung Kies). Indeed, when selecting a SPL playlist on the U7, it only recognizes files at the root of the Music directory. If some tracks of the SPL playlist are stored in subfolders (for example: Music/Artist name/album name/track.mp3), the U7 won't see them. SPL playlists is a potential tricky solution to your issue but won't work as long as there is this strange bug...

For me on the U6 it is also somehow pointless because albums are not sorted by year. If I want to listen to several albums of the same artist one after the other, I want to hear them in the chronological order.

I name my folders "year - name of the album" so when using folders navigation I can get my albums sorted by release year. But then comes the other problem: Samsung players don't automatically skip to the next folder....

If the USB key format is not too important for you, you may want to consider purchasing a Sansa Clip+ or Clip Zip instead. Those are awesome cheap players and when they are rockboxed ( you get many advanced settings, including "auto-change directory". That's in case you use the folders navigation. The database (tags navigation) in Rockbox works more or less like the U7 ("all tracks" means alphabetical order), except that there is an awesome On-The-Go playlists system which allows you to easily add several albums to the current playlist and then it would be sorted by track order.
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