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I guess I finally understood what you mean, after reading your post 10x and comparing my U6 and U7 for 15 minutes. That's incredible how unclear and confusing your posts are... you mix up tags and folders, that just made me crazy.

I asked you in my previous post to tell me what you are doing exactly on the player, step by step, to play a track.

Was it that difficult to just tell me:
"I go to the Music menu, then to Artists, then I select an artist, let's say AC/DC, then I select All songs"
"I go to the Music menu, then to Artists, then to All albums then to All songs"
"I go to the Music menu, then to Albums, then to All songs" ?

That would have saved me much time...

Indeed, here there is a difference: the U6 displays all albums one after the other and with the right track order for each album while the U7 displays all songs in alphabetical order.

But that has nothing to do with folders, "This current one ignores folders and treats all the files as if they were in the same folder" doesn't make any sense. You mix up tags and folders.
When you go to Music then to Artists (or Albums or Songs), the player ONLY uses id3tags. The folder where the file is stored on the player doesn't matter. You could put all your files directly at the root of the Music directory on the U7, without using any subfolder for each artist and album, that wouldn't change anything if you use the tags navigation: when you go to Music>Artists>Albums, all tracks would be sorted by artist and albums, depending on the id3tags.

Now that this huge confusion is clear, indeed you are right about that difference and to be honest, I never noticed that before.
I just checked on YP-U5 (2009), F3 (2011), Q3 (2010), R2 (2011) and Z3 (2011)
-on U5 it is like on U6
-on F3 it is like on U7
-on Q3 I don't understand how songs are sorted, that's neither track order nor alphabetical order...
-on R2 it is like on U6
-on Z3 it is like on U6

I can't tell you if it is a bug or intended behavior, I would need to ask Samsung. If it is considered as a bug they may fix it in a next firmware but if that's considered as intended (often the R&D is of bad faith because they are quite lazy to fix bugs...), they won't change it.
Given the fact that it's getting very hard for me to get bugs fixed since a few months (The R&D takes ages to reply or they don't reply at all -_-), even if it is a bug I wouldn't expect it to be fixed before a few months at least, or maybe never.
I'll try my best as usual but if this point is very important to you, I would buy a U6 again.

And no, there is no setting to change that unfortunately.
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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