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Welcome to Abi

Originally Posted by sudocode View Post
...To get playlist to be readable/playable on the device, all I had to do was go to Options/Playlists for the Clipp in Media Monkey and select the option "Force Relative Paths". (I did not change to "Use extended m3u").

Now when I open the playlist in the Clipp, it no longer displays "empty" but shows all the contained tracks.
Nice tip there. I gave up even trying with MediaMonkey because I have other alternatives that work right out the box like XMPlay and MusicBee. Someone that uses MM and doesn't want to install the script to make EXTM3U playlists work should find this useful.

This seems to only work with files that are synced using files that aren't on the player. When I tried creating a playlist from files that existed on the player the results were the same. Absolute paths were used in the playlist and the playlist was broken when I viewed them on the player.

The results were even worse when I tried syncing a playlist using MM that I created using files from the player. MM tried to overwrite the existing files and seems to have permanently deleted them. The playlist is there but it doesn't work because the files it referenced have been wiped away.

I don't use MM much now and probably won't be digging into this much. Do you know a setting you know that doesn't create duplicate files or kill the originals when you try to create a sync using files from the player?
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