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There's no longer a online distributor linked from the Samsung galaxy player product page so the price will be what you can find. Refurbs are going at decent prices. I picked up a refurb 4.0 about a month ago for ~$100.

I've been seeing this coming ever since the price dropped on and other places. Usually when that happens production has ended and the vendors are trying to dump stock before they get undercut by the refurb pricing. You can never be certain but I'd guess that's what happened to trigger the big price drop a few weeks ago on the Fuze+.

There's no replacement so far and it doesn't seem like there will be. Samsung killed off the 5.8 and there's been several reports of emails from them saying the entire line is discontinued. That's not surprising to me.

The Galaxy player is a niche device that can be replaced with a decent no contract or unlocked smartphone. You buy the phone, activate it and just don't buy any minutes for it. Everything works except making calls. You can even make calls if you set up Skype and have a Wifi connection.
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