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Thanks for this information, Skamp. I will have to try mine with RB. My main problem with the touchpad (though I am using the original firmware) is that I use my Fuze+ for playing music through my car stereo, and when I try to change albums or go to a different artist, I nearly keep running off the road because of how bad the touchpad is and I have to literally concentrate on doing that instead of paying attention to the road. My old Fuze with the scroll wheel was SO much easier to use. I press the damn thing straight in the middle and it thinks I touched it to skip to the next song, or skip to the previous song, etc. PITA. I have not tried RB on my + because I figured even the best firmware cannot overcome bad hardware (I assumed the touchpad issues are a hardware problem).

I was hoping that Sansdisk would come out with a new Fuze in time for this past Christmas season that combined the good of the + (outside of the touchpad, I mostly like the OS of the + over the Fuze OS) with the easy to use controls of the original Fuze, but that has not come to pass, yet, and may never.
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