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No one's ever reported finding a source for new parts. Sandisk doesn't sell parts, just complete players. It also wouldn't make seem to make economic sense for a 3rd party supplier to gear up to make parts for a device most consider disposable.

That makes the only source I know for a switch to do a repair a non-working Clip+ that has an undamaged power switch. If you check ebay and local ads you can sometimes find them for pennies on the dollar of the original price.
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Yeah, I wasn't really expecting to be able to buy a switch on its own - at least not in lots of less than 100! Instead, I decided to get creative, and wired up a slightly larger switch onto the outside of the player. It's really ugly (hot glue FTW) but seems to work fine! We'll see how long it lasts. (Photo attached)
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Default The dead switch repair

Thanks Potachking. Your post gave me the info (and courage!) to attempt a repair of the old switch-flush-to-case problem after fall (less than a metre onto parquet - just shows how poorly the switch mechanism was secured!). The repair's a delicate job: getting the casing-back off with knife and plastic card without causing too much cosmetic damage - battery is lightly stuck to the back, so care needs to be taken when prising everything loose. Internal switch was found floating around inside; scraped off whitish deposit on contacts (presumably electrically conductive paste), put the tiniest dab of superglue on the lug-holes, settled switch into the board and, when it seemed firm, I attempted to put a v. small spot of silver solder on the outside edge of the contacts - not easy, given my hamfistedness; had to cut away part of the plastic clip beside the switch to get at it - didn't want to overheat the switch's plastics, causing them to melt. All seemed to work, tested the device - switched on perfectly - and then carefully re-assembled it, trying to line up exterior switch with interior as far as poss. Now listening to recording of "3 Men in a Boat" on it and it's going strong - phew!
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Good for you!
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This happened to me today and I was able to fix it quickly.
I opened the unit and found the switch had fallen off. This switch doesnt seem to have it's contacts soldered, it is just pressed onto the board making the contacts touch. With two tiny drops of superglue gel you can put it all together again.
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