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Originally Posted by El C View Post
"Sport" earphones are usually designed so that they don't fall out easily, usually by using some sort of hook or mechanism to ensure a snug fit. There's nothing wrong with using normal earphones for jogging, but given that earbuds rest on the ear canal I wouldn't expect them to be secure.

OP, what earphones does your friend have, and how does he take care of them?
Sorry about not replying for a bit! To answer the questions, my friend buys pretty much anything from Wal Mart that is cheap and doesn't actually insert into the ear. Based on suggestions, and previous things I've heard, I went with Sennheiser and just bought a pair of $20 earphones from them.

As for sports earphones, I honestly never even knew they had such things. After googling it, I realized "sports earphones" are apparently just what I call "clip ons". The friend doesn't care if they clip on or not, but simply wants durability.

As for care, I told him plainly that even the cheapies should be lasting longer than they are lasting. We'll see what happens with the $20 pair, hopefully the combination of him being a little safer and them being a bit more durable works well together :P.

Thanks for the responses everyone!
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