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Default drive back in new player. Boots up and operates properly. Old player fished out of the trash. Slapped the board back in the case, inserted hard drive, inserted battery.....nothing. Nothing at all. I didn't put any screws back in but didn't do it to the new player either. The only piece I didn't install was the bottom plate with the latch to open the cover. That should not affect anything. I don't get it. Anyway....I plugged the new player into the computer and it's now "syncing". I guess it's taking all my music from Media Source and putting it on the new player. This is gonna take all night. Besides.....there is only 15 gig available and my library is over 30 gigs. Now I'm gonna have to go back and delete all the music that was on the new HD to begin with. No great lose cause a lot of it isn't to my liking anyway. It looks like I am using a 30 gig now, for a while anyway.

Where do I find the firmware version anyway? I went through all the menu items and didn't find it.
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