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Originally Posted by Revolt View Post
So I'd like to ask you this: is there anyone who tried to contact Samsung to ask them for a new firmware to bring the custom icon back, or at least a trick to put it inside the player?
I'm the only insider here, with contacts at Samsung France and Korea. I'm the one who reports the bugs to Samsung Korea for every player and harass them to get them fixed (if you find the YP-Z3 buggy with the latest firmware, imagine how it was when I first got it in my hand the day of its release, no actually you can't imagine unless you see my email box ) and I just tell you: that won't happen. They no longer care about MP3 players. Please read here

Just thinking about the current situation makes me as furious as you. But not for the same reasons as you. I just want them to fix bugs when I report them as it has always been the case before. There is a bug in SPL playlist support on the U7 so I need to harass them again until they reply and release a new firmware

What you want is different and unrealistic: you want new/improved features which have not been planned by Samsung during product development.
1) You should know that Samsung firmwares don't bring new features, they only fix bugs. That was already the case on YP-U5
2) Product planning and managers in Korea decided that there are no custom Popcons on the U7, that's it. They won't change that because 3 people on an english forum don't like that: Their goal is to sell at least a few units on a dying market. Improve or add new features = more development time and cost that won't bring any better Return on Investment because custom icons or not won't make the U7 sell better or worse.

That being said, the U7 is a good player, I prefer it over the U6 as I said in my review and if there are only a few reviews and no videos on youtube, it's just because the dying market in 2010 is almost dead in 2013, it's not because of bad product. If the U5 or U6 were released today they wouldn't get more reviews or videos than the U7.

Conclusion: if you find some bugs on the YP-U7 just let me know, I'll do my best to get them fixed as usual but no need to ask for changed/improved/new features, that won't happen as it never happened in the past.
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